I am a software engineer with 10+ years of building beautiful front-end experiences with HTML, CSS, and Javascript and 5+ years of building full-stack applications using C# and .NET frameworks.

An engineer at heart, I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together since I was just a kid, determined to know how everything works. I started coding in high school by doing custom web development for friends and local small businesses. I continued coding throughout my college engineering education, then took a position as a web developer at a local business with multiple websites to maintain and improve.

As the business grew, my web developer role soon became IT Director when I was asked to lead a group of IT technicians to keep up with the growing demands of business. Since more business meant even more demand for software customizations and squashing bugs, I started coding full-time to combat the growing development backlog. Along with the rest of the development team, I helped write a custom service dispatching application, switched our field-service technicians to paperless billing, and even wrote our own time-keeping web and mobile app. We are continuously focused on improving business workflows by leveraging custom software solutions.

After work, I’m often coding at my house on side-projects, or playing music on my piano or guitar. My interest in music theory pairs well with my pursuit to tackle novel software problems since like coding, it requires creativity while working within a defined set of parameters (musical notes vs. code syntax).

What am I working on?

I’m currently working as a software engineer @ Denmar Associates, and building other apps and websites in my spare time.


C# ASP.NET Core Razor Blazor LINQ Entity Framework Bootstrap HTML CSS JavaScript Azure AWS GitHub Jira



Matt Yutzy

I am a software engineer focused on building and customizing full-stack enterprise web applications.